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Our lab offers a unique opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge research in the fields of cognitive neuroscience and experimental psychology. We investigate the psychological and neural underpinnings of moral decision-making and extremist attitudes and explore the spread of misinformation online.

As a student in our lab, you will work alongside experienced researchers, gaining hands-on experience with advanced methods such as fMRI and EEG. You will actively contribute to experiments, data analysis, and publications. Our collaborative and intellectually stimulating environment provides the ideal setting to study and help address pressing societal issues.

Open positions

Research Assistant positions

1 research assistant position to support Cognitive Neuroscience experiments - in person (Deadline: September 25, 2023)
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Predoctoral positions

1 predoctoral position in Cognitive Neuroscience working on political extremism with fMRI (Deadline: CLOSED)
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1 predoctoral position in Cognitive Neuroscience working on misinformation with EEG (Deadline: CLOSED)
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Postdoctral positions

1 postdoctoral position in Computational Modelling working on Moral Psychology of AI (Deadline: Open till filled)
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